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cigarette entrepreneur takes on new industry’s bad rap The UpTake: Electronic cigarettes are a growing market with powerful doomsayers and fans alike. The founder of one company making this new kind of tobacco product shares his thoughts on addiction, marketing to non smokers, and government regulation. By now we’ve all seen these strange, smokeless sticks that emit a nicotine infused vapor when inhaled. They’re smoke free, tar free, carbon monoxide free and odor free. And Wholesale NBA Jerseys From China addicting. But so long as they aren’t marketed to non smokers, perpetuating addiction, could this technology revolutionize the tobacco industry? We had a chance to ask Andries Verleur the founder of V2, a Miami based electronic cigarette company, some frank questions about addiction, targeting non smokers as customers, and government regulation of the industry. Below are his emailed answers edited for length: No. Not at all, evidenced by our mission cheap nfl jerseys statement. To be successful in any business, you have to understand the consumer base that’s interested in your product. The one Steve Smith Jersey thing almost all e cig customers share is that they are current smokers. Through our social networks, blogs, forum, etc., our customers report having successfully used V2 Cigs to reduce their ingestion of tobacco cigarettes and have even successfully stopped using cigarettes entirely. As per industry standards, we make no health claims however and simply try to offer smokers a better alternative to traditional tobacco. Smokers are our only core product demographic. We have not and do not suggest, imply or even research non smoker markets. We believe our product is wholesale nhl jerseys a better alternative "for smokers" than smoking, and we strongly believe in it. I developed it to meet my personal desire for an authentic smoking alternative, and now millions of smokers are satisfied by the advancements we’ve made to the industry.
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NEW Elite Youth Dan Orlovsky jersey YORK (AP) The Elite Mens Deandre Levy jersey Youth Haloti Ngata jersey NFL has decided Youth George Johnson jersey Authenitc Dan Orlovsky jersey to shift eight of its Kids Haloti Ngata jersey Thursday night games to a broadcast network, and announced Wednesday Elite Mens Dan Orlovsky jersey Youth Dan Orlovsky jersey that CBS won the bid to showcase more of television hottest property.

CBS will air the games during the first eight weeks of the season with its top broadcast team of Jim Nantz and Phil Simms, simulcasting them with the NFL Network. The league cable network will show six Elite Kids Deandre Levy jersey Thursday night games alone later in the season, produced by CBS with Nantz and Simms also in the booth. Two Saturday games are Youth C.J.Mosley jersey included in the deal, but it is unclear whether they will be on CBS or the NFL Network.

CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and Elite White Barry Sanders jersey Turner were all interested in the NFL Thursday night package. Youth Deandre Levy jersey Live television events like Elite Deandre Levy jersey sports and awards shows are increasingly important Authenitc Womens George Johnson jersey for broadcasters as the audience fragments for traditional fare, and football games are the most dependable ratings grabbers. television history.

NBC biggest hit each fall is its Sunday night package of NFL games.

The NFL started a limited package of Thursday games in 2006, and showed 13 games on the NFL Network this past season. Its goal is Deandre Levy jersey to both increase the visibility of the NFL Network through promotion on television most watched network, along with putting the Thursday games on firmer footing, said Brian Rolapp, the league executive vice president for media.

“We want to make Thursday night football as big as possible in the minds of the NFL fan,” Rolapp said.

Part of the reason for a short term deal is Authenitc Youth Barry Sanders jersey the NFL indecision about whether it sees the Thursday night franchise as best for its cable network in years to come, or whether the rights money and greater exposure offered by a broadcast network is the smarter financial play.

CBS will have no flexibility in what games it Kids Dan Orlovsky jersey broadcasts on Thursdays. The NFL will announce its Thursday schedule before the season begins, Rolapp said.

CBS is already the top rated network, and its Womens Deandre Levy jersey victory with the NFL short circuited what would have been a strong move by a rival to cut into its lead.

“You can never be too rich or too thin,” CBS Corp. Chairman Leslie Moonves said. “You can never have too much programming.”

CBS airs its most popular comedy, “The Big Bang Theory,” on a strong Elite Womens C.J.Mosley jersey Thursday night schedule. The NFL package will enable CBS to start its Thursday night schedule later in the fall, around the beginning of November, and give it a large audience to promote its other programming. CBS will also probably sprinkle some of its Thursday shows elsewhere on the schedule in early fall to give other nights a boost, Womens George Johnson jersey Moonves said.

Not only will the games provide a short term boost for CBS, but the network hopes relationships forged in this deal will offer an advantage if future Thursday games come up for bid.

“It our hope that our ratings, our performance and our production is pleasing to the NFL and this deal can continue on beyond this year or two,” Moonves said.